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Become part of the coolest, most inspiring community of like-minded entrepreneurs and hit your targets with grace and ease.

Why this membership?

We want to bring you the practical and mental tools, frameworks, and a supportive community to help you and your businesses thrive. At the same time, we provide a platform where entrepreneurs can get support and coaching when they need it most.

The easy-peasy membership concept

With this concept, we help you set crystal-clear goals for the upcoming quarter, keep you accountable week after week for the actions you committed to and coach you on what you need when you need it. Nothing more, nothing less. 

✅  Weekly result-driven coaching sessions with a group of peers

✅  1:1 accountability

✅  The coolest network of fabulous entrepreneurs

✅  Grow and have fun together

✅  Thriving community to support each other's goals

Is this for you?

✅  You are one of the founders or leading a business with a team of 2-50 people.

✅  Your business is growing, and more growth is on the horizon.

✅  You are looking for practical and mental frameworks to handle the challenges of scaling your business and team.

✅  You are looking for someone who keeps you accountable, week after week (though love, pinkie promise)

✅  You are looking for a thriving, supportive community that is there for you along the way.

✅  You are positive, open-minded and ready to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and a person.

✅  You are ready for personal growth training via the most accessible program ever.

What results can you expect?

✅  More freedom of time and peace of mind.

✅  A team that takes ownership and has a high level of integrity

✅  A network of like-minded entrepreneurs who like to pay it forward

✅  Cutting-edge insights and tools to help you thrive without spending hours or days learning and searching. We deliver it bite-size to you.

✅  A place where you grow as a person, an entrepreneur and a leader.

✅  Be part of a community that roots for you, lifts you and supports you when you need it most.

✅  We keep you accountable and give you the tools you need to make bold steps

What's included?

✅  Personal roadmap to achieve your quarterly & yearly goals

​✅  Bi-weekly Q&A group coaching session - free entry, not mandatory

✅  Weekly 1:1 accountability check-ins via chat

✅  Weekly video assignment with personalised feedback


✅  Monthly membership fee: € 475. 

✅  Trial period of 30 days. After this, we ask for a commitment for a minimum of 3 months. (that's the minimum period for you to see results)

✅  As we focus on building a unique, enthusiastic community, you get 1 month for free for every new member you bring along who signs up for a year.

Something for you? Let's hop on a call and find out. 

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