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Hi and welcome!


I'm Els, founder of Thriving Founders and high-performance coach.


After I studied arts, my first job in a fast-scaling tech company changed the course of my life and my career.

In art, I was constantly on the lookout to remove anything non-essential during an iterative process of trial and error and I quickly realised that this is exactly what a fast-scaling company is supposed to do:
Focus on what matters and ruthlessly remove what's not.

A personal event in 2004 changed who I was to the core and made me obsessed with discovering how to be extremely effective. An immunity deficiency that had a massive impact on my overall health and energy. For many years, it set me on a path of self-discovery and self-improvement in a wide range of areas: Mindset, bio-hacking, trauma healing, breath- and bodywork, but also a wide range of tools, systems and frameworks to improve productivity, focus and overall effectiveness.

Later in my career as COO, I discovered that despite having a mission, vision, solid strategy, and a wealth of engineering and operational knowledge, there was one single thing that made all the difference in achieving success, and that was leadership.

Learning to be a thriving, resilient and inspiring leader isn't easy but incredibly rewarding. When you lead people, investing in yourself is not optional; it is a must. I've witnessed firsthand the havoc bad leadership causes to companies and people. This is my why and drives me every second of the day to do this work.

Leadership might be a fuzzy word, but the difference between average and great leadership impacts everything: your customers, your team, your network and, not to forget, yourself and everyone around you.

The world is changing faster than ever. Your mission is important.

Your ability to lead will eventually make all the difference in bringing your mission to life.

Without burning yourself or your team.

You own this to yourself and the world.

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